Sunday, 29 May 2011

Your tasks: Colour in Art


And your final works.... really good! Now, you are able to create all the colours! And you have worked in a collaborative way really in a good way!
The scream-Munch
1stAbilingual - Ligia, Camila, Violeta, Kevin
1stBbilingual - Diego, Sergio, Susana, Guillermo
1stCDintermediate - Mohamed, Anuar, Raúl
1stCDadvanced - Sonia, Sonia, Lara
Starry Night-Van Gogh
1stA - Eva, Nuria, Noelia
1stBbilingual - Raquel, Laura, Alfonso, Samuel, Llara
1stCDintermediate - Sofía, Mariam, Carlos
1stCDadvanced - Alba, Motea, Laura, Marta

Van Gogh's room
1stAbilingual - Alberto C., Roberto, Raúl, Dani
1stBbilingual - Alfonso, Laura M., Raquel, Llara
1stCDadvanced - Hugo, Carlos, Alberto, Alfonso
1stCDintermediate - Patricia, Christian, Mª Cristina, Juan Pablo

The kiss, Klimt
1stBbilingual - Liz, Hanin, Marina, Allison
1stCDadvanced - Zigor, Mario, sergio R., Misha
1stCdintermediate - Iulia, Javier, Bartos, Daniel

The bath, Seurat
1stAbilingual - Sergio G., Iván, Miguel
1stBbilingual - Daniel, Nicolás, Samuel
1stCDadvanced - Sergio A., Carla, Marina

Woman with umbrella, Monet
1stBbilingual - Alba, Irene, Laura B., Carla
1stCDadvanced - Mónica, Laura M., Ángela
1stCDintermediate - Yolanda, Sara, Leidy, Carlos P.

Your tasks: Colour Wheel


Colour Wheel on PhotoPeach

Colour Quiz

Cuestionario autoevaluable:

    Curiosities (mentioned in one of the quizzes):

    Saturday, 28 May 2011

    Color in Art

    Art strokes 2.0
    We are going to practice what we have learnt about colour and mixtures.

    We are going to copy some masterpieces from Pointillism, Impressionism and Expressionism. This time we will be using acrylic paint.

    As it is going to be big format, we are going to work in a collaborative way: each masterpiece is going to be painted by four teams of three or four students from all 1st classrooms: 1ºA, 1ºB, 1ºCDadvanced and 1ºCDintermediate. Therefore, each masterpiece is going to be painted by at least a dozen of students.

    Notice that you have to create similar textures by small and rapid brushstrokes of different tints, shades and hues.

    Color online

    • Color of my sound. Enjoy! Music in color.
    • Color Palette Generator. Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image a client wants to work with.
    • Color Hunter. A similar one.
    • El color. All about color with a lot of interactive activities.
    • Creating colors: You can work right here with RGB COLORS.

    • 7 activities to be creative using colors in Plas-TIC I.
    • 6 activities to learn more about colors in Plas-TIC II.

    Colour Wheel

    Your task for these days: this is the color wheel template just in case you need a new copy.


    A piece of advice while working with templeras:

    Warm and Cool colors

    Cold colors
    Warm colors

    If you want to learn more:
    - Una web muy divertida y creativa sobre el COLOR y su simbolismo es COLOR IN MOTION.
    - Color y sentimientos, punto 4, en el blog de El Tinglado.
    - "Sobre Colores", blog about colours, publishes an artícle about "La teoría psicológica del color" .
    - Colores fríos, colores cálidos. Both from "" blog.


    Color LIGHT - Color PIGMENT

    Braid colour
    If you want to learn more:

    Friday, 20 May 2011

    Textures in Art

    Este trabajo se está realizando ahora mismo en la clase de EPV de 4º de ESO. Faltan aún 4 sesiones para su entrega final. Pero... promete.


    El vídeo resultante de esta unidad didáctica es:
    (Es aún provisional, por eso no se ha cortado el archivo de audio al final, pues hay que insertar más fotografías de alumnos y sus trabajos finales).